I’ve built a train, she takes me to the land of creativity at full speed. Take a moment to hop on, and envision a world of dreams and unknown comforts that come alive with written word. Welcome to my hub.





This is my imagination. You’ve stepped into my guest cabin,¬†please enjoy your stay.
If you can dream, I can write, and we can create a world of written art. This is me, a dreamer and pen destroyer. Forget typing, I love putting words on old fashioned paper products. I want to share my ideas and visions with the world so each of you can step into a world of new imagination. Take a moment to open your mind to new ideas and I’ll meet you at the gate!

My name is Roxana. I’m a mother to an amazing toddler and wife to an incredible husband. I spend most of my time writing. I like to write about everything; from games to in depth reviews, and everything in between.

I’m an avid believer in proper nutrition and will advocate heavily on eating the right foods for the right reasons. As a budding nutritionist (and author) I take great pride in my learning, understanding and sharing of great work.

First and foremost I am a storyteller of fiction, mostly in sci-fi, with a passion for writing the unlikely hero and the devious unexpected villain.

Since 2012, I’ve been content taking on challenges as a ghost writer, but over the years, felt compelled to use my own voice to share my work. In that respect, here I am, an open book, ready to open my world of writing to you.

I’m a proud Canadian author, a loyal family woman and a dreamer of stories and new worlds. I hope you’ll enjoy being taken along this ride I’ve begun and hope that at least one piece of work I do can resonate well with each of you!

If you’re interested to see some of my other work related to games and game reviews, you can find my blog posts¬†Here!


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